The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid in the desert has lifted from the ground, its evil eye observing the faithful people of the Xatakan Empire.
Infiltrate the flying monument to see what wicked power is behind all of this!


The Anput's Relics event has now started, and will remain available for 21 days. (May 2020)
Defeat the Desecrated Plague to obtain Ancient Keys. Use them to open Urns you find in the Pyramid. Opening the Urns not only grants you instant rewards, but also allows Anput to move through the labyrinth in the Pyramid. Make it through the maze to get shards of Anput's Guards!

Ancient Keys

The Great Pyramid counts as a fortress.
You can fight 5 times a day for an ancient kay. The counter will be reset each day.
Furthermore you get a free key per day.


Anput's Guards are added automatically to each fight. So you fight with 6 regiments instead of 5.


Here is a video featuring the event:


How to obtain shards for Jerrika?

  • every day another regiment is featured
  • collect ancient keys and do not spend them until Jerrika shards are visible.
  • pay keys until you get her shards
  • refresh the reward list if you still have 9 or more keys —> another batch of Jerrika shards will be visible
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